Guitar building DVDs

Building a guitar is as much an art, as a process.

If you've set your mind on learning how to build a guitar via DVDs or a live course, you'll learn many new skills:

  • guitar design
  • luthier tools
  • building the body of the guitar
  • sanding
  • guitar bracing

  • side bending
  • guitar inlays
  • all around guitar binding
  • voicing & sound
  • neck & fretboard build

In addition to this, you will undoubtedly want to learn guitar restorations techniques as well, such as:

  • replacing a guitar fretboard
  • guitar finishing
  • replacing a truss rod
  • installing, leveling, and crowning fretwires

  • setup and maintenance
  • working with different types of wood
  • repairing a lifted guitar bridge
  • installing an under-the-saddle guitar pickup

Acoustic guitar building books

Here are some great books on how to build acoustic guitars.

Acoustic guitar building DVDs

If you would rather learn the craft by watching Blu-ray of DVD videos, here is my recommendation.

One of the best is the Classical Guitar Making 10 DVD box set from JS Bogdanovics Guitars.

Here is a preview video for it.

Acoustic luthier DVDs are a great way to get a primer on how to build acoustic guitars, but know that hands-on experience is needed. If you are serious about becoming a high-level guitar builder (aka luthier), it is a good idea to attend a live course with a luthier offering guitar building courses.

Electric guitar building

There are many similarities, but also many differenced in building an electric guitar. If you are leaning towards the world of building electric guitars, here is some good material.

If you would also like to see how to build an electric guitar, I can recommend this DVD set: A Complete Custom Electric Guitar Build.

It is a 3 and a half hour DVD, divided into 40 chapters, covering everything from cutting down a tree to final testing through an amp.

Your journey is about to begin.

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