Electric Guitar Strings

Electric guitar strings [Guide]

Your electric guitar strings greatly influence the sound it produces and overall playability. There are several things to consider when it comes to selecting the ideal strings for your electric guitar. Read on to figure out which strings are best suited for your electric guitar, style of play, and the music that comes out. Things …

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Classical Guitar Strings

Classical guitar strings 101 [Guide]

Nylon strings are usually applied to classical guitars, and are built differently than steel string acoustic guitar that use steel strings. Nylon strings have far less tension - 50% less - compared to steel strings. Although any style can utilize classical guitars or nylon strings, these are more commonly used for classical, folk, and flamenco. …

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Banjo Setup

How to set up a banjo

If you just bought a new banjo, or if it just not sounding right, you might need to set it up. It's not as hard as it seems, but if you don't feel confident enough to carry out the steps to setting up your banjo, you might want to go to your local guitar store …

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Guitar building DVDs

Building a guitar is as much an art, as a process. If you've set your mind on learning how to build a guitar via DVDs or a live course, you'll learn many new skills: guitar design luthier tools building the body of the guitar sanding guitar bracing side bending guitar inlays all around guitar binding …

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Old to new

In its past form, this was the online presence of Hot Strings Guitar Shop shop in Woodstock, CT. The domain is no longer maintained by the shop. Here are a few things from the old site. Luthier Jamie Boss is building six varieties of classic acoustic guitar styles. Made by hand in his workshop, the …

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