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Replacing the Vintage Guitar Fretboard

Replacing Vintage Guitar Fretboard

A three hour, two DVD set on replacing the vintage guitar fretboard. This is the first DVD set of our "Acoustic Guitar Restoration" series that we will be producing over the next two years. The entire process of building and replacing a vintage fretboard is shown on a vintage 1940's Gibson L-00 guitar. Filmed at Hot Strings Guitar's school and workshop in MIlford, Connecticut, luthier and instructor Jamie Boss explains the process and tools required in a step-by-step manner.

The information covered in this DVD includes:

Removing the old fretboard
1. The tools needed for the job
2. Removing the old frets
3. Heating up the fretboard for removal
4. Using a spatula to remove the fretboard

Cutting the fretboard slots
1. Choosing the fretboard material
2. Measuring the old fretboard
3. Using the fret scale ruler
4. Calculating fret position with the tangent line method
5. Using the miter saw template
6. Setting up the miter saw
7. Cutting the slots
8. Checking the scale

Shaping the fretboard
1. Marking out the old outline
2. Cutting shape on the bandsaw
3. Using a joiner plane and shooting board to finish the sides
4. Using a sanding stick
5. Cleaning up the neck surface
6. Checking the fit of the fretboard

Inlaying the fret markers
1. Marking the dot inlay positions
2. Marking the side marker positions
3. Setting up the drill press for drilling depth
4. Drilling the dot inlay and side marker holes
5. Gluing the dot inlays in position
6. Gluing and finishing the side markers
7. Checking the old fretboard radius
8. Sanding the new fretboard radius
9. Checking the center height measurement of the new fretboard
10. Vacuuming the sawdust and cleaning out the fret slots

Gluing the fretboard
1. Gluing the fretboard to the neck
2. Using the correct cauls
3. Cleaning up the squeeze-out

Installing the frets
1. Choosing the correct fret wire
2. Bending the fret wire for installation
3. Cutting the fret wire to length
4. Explaining the various tools used to install the frets
5. Lining up the fret in the slot
6. Using the plastic hammer to install the frets
7. Cutting the fret wire overhang
8. Installing the frets over the body
9. Filling and dressing the fret ends
10. Chamfering the fret ends
11. Checking the fret height and leveling
12. Re-crowning the frets
13. Polishing the the frets
14. Final inspection

The two DVDs cover the entire process of replacing an old fretboard and are a great reference for experienced luthiers, as well as step-by-step instructions for the first time builder. Each section has a menu button and is divided into chapters for easy access to critical areas.

Price: $49.95 plus shipping

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