Guitar Building DVD

Making a Slotted Headstock

Applicable to both steel string and classical acoustic guitars, the DVD provides a comprehensive and step-by-step overview of how to make a slotted headstock. The various hand tools, special tools and power tools that are used during the building process are discussed and shown. Presented by luthier Jamie Boss, the presentation was filmed at his Connecticut guitar building school. During the video Jamie breaks down the process of planning, making a pattern, drilling the tuner holes and cutting the slots for the headstock. Dedicated tools designed especially for slot head building are also reviewed depth. It is part of a continuing series produced by Jamie on the art of acoustic guitar building. After viewing the video the beginning luthier will have specific knowledge of making a slotted headstock for classical and steel string guitars. The process can also be applied to a slot headed 12 string guitar.

Like all of our DVDs, this video differs from other similar videos on the market because we utilize two cameras during the filming process, allowing us to make real-time close-up shots during the presentation. Jamie Boss, an experienced luthier and video producer, has been a technical training instructor in various industrial fields for over 20 years and has made hundreds of training and promotional videos during his career.

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