Guitar Building DVD

Setting Up the Selmer Gypsy Jazz Guitar

A 2.2 hour two DVD set made for gypsy jazz guitarists that will show you how set-up the gypsy jazz guitar. The video covers many of the guitar's weak points and is perfect for the gypsy jazz guitarist that wants the best out of his guitar. All avenues of improving the playability and sound are covered. Filmed at my guitar building school in Milford, Connecticut, the entire process is broken down into individual steps. Our videos differ from other similar videos on the market because we utilize two cameras during the filming process, allowing us to make real-time close-up shots during the presentation. I am an experienced luthier and selling and repairing gypsy jazz guitars for years.

The DVDs include:

The History
1. Review of types of gypsy guitars available
2. Brief history of the Selmer guitar
3. Francois Charles Selmer-Maccaferri book

The Tuners
1. A review of the many types of tuners available
2. Grinding the post length
3. Explanation of the poor tuners found on the Cordoba and Aria guitars
4. Explanation of the installation of Miller tuners
5. Drilling oversize post holes

The Nut
1. Explanation of the zero fret
2. Protecting the fret during leveling
3. Strings spacing
4. E-string fall off
5. Nut removal

The fretboard
1. Explanation long and short scales
2. Fret-board radius
3. Radius gage
4. Purpose of neck relief
5. Adjusting neck relief
6. Truss-rod adjustment
7. Fret height problems
8. Fret polishing

The Bridge
1. Various types of bridges available
2. Bridge weight
3. Neck angle and bridge height
4. Sound transfer and contact pads
5. Raising and lowering bridge height
6. Intonation vs moustache position

The Tail Piece
1. Various types of tail pieces available
2. Tail piece problems
3. Improvements with tail pieces

The Set-up
1. Fret leveling
2. Fret crowning
3. Fret polishing
4. Neck angle vs string height
5. Fretboard radius
6. Radius sanding block

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