Guitar Building DVD

50 Guitar Building Tools

This DVD will save you both money and time! A 30 minute DVD highlighting 50 tools that I made in my guitar building shop and have used over the years. All of the tools are easy to make and are shown in detail during this video. Designed for new luthiers or old salts alike, there are new shop tool ideas for everyone. 50 tools from just about every phase of guitar building that can be built easily in a home workshop. The experienced luthier will earn back the cost of this DVD by building just a few of these tools. If you are new to guitar building, this covers many tools that otherwise would have to be bought at luthier supply companies.

Some of the processes that are covered are:

Fret polishing
Side molds
Rosette routing fixture
Planing fixtures
Saddle slot routing fixture
Buffing wheel devices
Scarf joint fixture
Side bending fixture
Inlay sawing fixture
Bridge sanding fixture
wood working fixtures
Fretboard aligning fixture
Top and back joining fixture
and much more

Price  $24.95 plus shipping

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