Guitar Building DVD

Installing, Leveling, and Crowning Fret Wire

A 35 minute guitar building DVD applicable to both steel string and classical acoustic guitars, this video provides a comprehensive and step-by-step overview of how to install, level, crown and polish fret wire. The various hand tools, special tools and power tools that are used during the process are discussed and shown. This video can also be used for basic set-up fret leveling and crowning.

Presented by luthier Jamie Boss, the presentation was filmed at his Connecticut guitar building school. Dedicated tools designed especially for fret wire installation, leveling and crowning are also reviewed depth. It is part of a continuing series produced by Jamie on the art of acoustic guitar building. After viewing the video the beginning luthier will have specific knowledge of fret installation, leveling, crowning, filing fret ends, polishing and basic fret set-up procedures.

Price  $29.95 plus shipping

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