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Carving the Classical Guitar Neck with Jamie Boss

Carving Classical Guitar Neck

This is a 2 DVD set showing how to carve the Classical Guitar neck from scratch using basic hand-tools and a bandsaw. I include a set of free classical strings as a gift. Filmed at Hot Strings Guitar Shop in Milford, Connecticut, he starts with a plank of mahogany and ends up with a finished classical guitar neck.

You can see Jamie's repair shop on his website at There is a total of 2.5 hours worth of instruction with menu buttons and chapters for each of the following segments:

1. Cutting the scarf joint...How to cut and glue the scarf joint for the headstock angle
2. Gluing the headstock veneer...Sizing and gluing the veneer for the headstock
3. Gluing the Spanish heel blocks...Positioning and gluing the neck heel blocks
4. Roughing out the Spanish heel shape...Cutting the heel outline with a bandsaw and shaping with a rasp
5. Centering the patterns...Using patterns made from the guitar plans and marking the layout on the blank neck
6. Thinning the headstock...Reducing the thickness with a block plane and gluing a veneer on the backside
7. Shaping the headstock...Using a pattern to layout the headstock design and cutting out the design with a bandsaw
8. Cutting the side slots...Marking out the position of the slots for the sides and cutting to fit with handtools
9. Carving the neck...Using curved gouges, rasps, sanding blocks and spoke shave to finish the shape of the Spanish heel and neck
10. Cutting the string slots...Drilling the tuning machine holes and cutting out the headstock string slots from a pattern

The two DVDs cover the entire process of carving the classical guitar neck and are a great reference for experienced luthiers, as well as step-by-step instructions for the first time builder. Each section has a menu button and is divided into chapters for easy access to critical areas.

Price: $49.95 plus shipping

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