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Building the Classical Guitar Soundboard

This 3 DVD set will show you how build the classical guitar soundboard from scratch and how to attach the neck. Basic carpentry skills and knowledge are required. Filmed at my guitar building school in Milford, Connecticut, the entire process is broken down to each individual step with close-ups and instructional graphics. The set includes three DVDs, 2 1/2 hours in length.

The information covered in the DVD set includes:

Thinning the soundboard
1. Discussing various thinning methods
2. Show how to thin with a hand plane
3. Demonstrating measuring the top thickness

Preparing the soundboard halves
1. Understanding book matching
2. Checking thickness
3. Deciding which side to use as the top

Joining the soundboard halves
1. What kind if glue to use
2. Using the shooting board
3. Using the joining plane
4. Using a sanding stick
5. Checking for a perfect fit
6. Using the joining fixture to glue halves
7. Safety precautions

Marking the brace positions
1. Making a template from the plans
2. Using a manufactured template
3. Deciding on the fan brace pattern
4. Marking the plantilla
5. Marking out the soundhole
6. Marking the transverse brace positions
7. Marking the fan brace positions

Cutting the rosette channel
1. Choosing the rosette
2. Measuring depth and diameter
3. Setting up the Dremel fixture
4. Cutting the channel with the Dremel tool
5. Cutting the soundhole with the Dremel tool

Gluing the rosette
1. Fitting the rosette
2. Using a caul and wax paper
3. Gluing the rosette and using a caul with a wieght

Getting ready to shape the braces
1. Picking out the brace stock
2. Understanding what "quarter sawn" means
3. Rough cutting the braces on a band saw
4. Making sure the bottom of each brace is flat

Shaping the transverse braces
1. Cutting the stock to length
2. Using the plane to form the shape
3. Cutting the ends to intersect with the sides
4. Gluing onto the soundboard

Shaping the fan braces
1. Cutting to length
2. Using the bench hook to plane the correct thickness
3. Using the bench hook to form the arch
4. Locating the fan brace
5. Gluing the fan braces with a Go-Bar deck
6. Forming the fan brace gables with a small plane

Attaching the neck
1. Making the cut for the neck on the soundboard
2. Locating the neck
3. Aligning the neck and soundboard with a straight edge
4.Aligning the neck and soundboard with a laser
5. Gluing the neck to the soundboard

The three DVDs cover the entire process of building the soundboard from scratch and is a great reference for experienced luthiers, as well as step-by-step instructions for the first time builder. Each section has a menu button and is divided into chapters for easy access to critical areas.

Price  $39.95 plus shipping

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