Guitar Building DVD

Set-Up and Maintenance of the 5-String Banjo

This 2 DVD set will show you how to set-up the 5-string banjo from scratch. Filmed at my guitar building school in Milford, Connecticut, the entire process is broken down to each individual step with close-ups and instructional graphics. The set includes two DVDs, 2 hours in length.

The information covered in the DVD set includes:

1. Types of banjos
2. The tools required
3. The components of the banjo
4. Types of heads
5. Tension hoops
6. Tension hooks and shoes
7. Removing the head
8. Determining crown height
9. Locating the new head
10. Checking the hook shoes
11. Positioning tension hooks
12. Head tightening procedure
13. Using a torque wrench
14. How tight is tight?
15. Types of strings
16. Types of tail pieces
17. Bridge types
18. Determining the scale
19. Placing the bridge
20. Checking intonation
21. Modifying bridges
22. Adjusting coordinator rods
23. Adjusting the truss rod
24. Tail piece adjustments
25. Measuring string height
26. Final tuning

The two DVDs cover the entire process of setting up the 5-string banjo and is a great reference for experienced luthiers, as well as step-by-step instructions for the first time banjoist. Each section has a menu button and is divided into chapters for easy access to critical areas.

Price  $29.95 plus shipping

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